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Speaking at the OSIDays 2010 (17th to 21st of September)

Starting in 2003 under the name of LinuxAsia this conference took a very successful trail until todays OSIDays 2010. But I think it is better to let them speak for themselfs:

"India's premier open source conference - LinuxAsia Conference and Expo - used to be held every spring in New Delhi. LinuxAsia had become a dynamic meeting ground for leaders from the international community and the Indian government, industry, enterprise users, academia and open source community.

What started off as LinuxAsia in 2003, got renamed to Open Source India in 2008. The change in name reflected the increased maturity of the open source business model, and the growing popularity of the open source phenomenon in India.

Major industry players in the global open source market such as IBM, Intel, Red Hat, Novell, Sun, MySQL, Oracle, AMD, BakBone, Legato, Virtusa, LynuxWorks, Cadence, CollabNet and others, have sponsored and participated in Open Source India (OSI). Key government organisations, such as C-DAC, have been instrumental in promoting OSS and OSI. Leading open source projects, such as, Apache and JBoss, have been key participants.

Thousands of attendees from the government, industry, universities and the open source community participate, network and interact at Open Source India each year." (got from OSIDays/Past Editions)

This year I have the honor to be part of this. My contributions will be two sessions and a 4hrs workshop. The first session I will feature a complete new talk about

The most unknown parts of PHPUnit

I lately was very busy doing code reviews and coaching people on unit testing using PHPUnit. By this it turns out not only the developers at hand, but also a lot of other people I talked to, even developer using PHPUnit for quite a while, are only unsing the basic assert*() functions (e.g. assertEquals(), assertTrue(), etc). And if it come to more complex scenarios they often do a lot of unnecessary stuff to gain what they want. This talk is about getting things done with the tools PHPUnit provides you. I guess you will be surprised how easy testing can be.

The second talk I was asked to give is a well known one. It's about

Writing beautiful documentation with phpDocumentor

I already gave this talk twice and thanks to I got a lot of very good feedback. This feedback was the basis of a little rearragement and refactoring this talk. It not only give you an overview about the possibilities phpDocumentor will provide you writing API documentation, but also gives you practical advices and hints from my daily work with phpDocumentor. I am really excited how the refactored talk will suit you.

Last but not least I am lucky to provide you with a 4hrs workshop about

Advanced Eclipse Workshop

I really like workshops and even more when I step out of it and am exhausted about all the questions I had to answer and challenges on my knowleadge I had to stand. You get what I am talking about? This workshop shall really be a hands on, it should be challengin for both of us. So please be prepared and bring your ready setup notebook, laptop, netbook, or whatever. Speaking of being prepared. your computer shall run the latest version of Eclipse PDT and have some plugins installed. These are

It would also be nice if you'll have a PEAR installation with Xdebug, PHPUnit, and phpDocumentor at hand. Thus we can directly digg in the topics most interesting for you and don't have to spend precious time to install things.

At last I again want to point your interest to Those girls anf guys are doing a real good job in providing a platform where everyone, preferrably people who joined a talk, can give feedback about the talk they just attended. The OSIDays took the effort and submitted the complete schedule (talks and workshops) to them. So if you were part of the OSIDays and attended a session, please be so kind anf give feedback to the speaker, so she or he has the chance to evolve and provite you with better and/or improved talks in the future.

I am really looking forward seeing you at the OSIDays.

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