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WebTech Conference and IPC 2010 - a wrap up

The conferences

I nearly missed that this year there was an anniversary to celebrate - the 10th IPC. Congratulations again to 10 times of very good organization, 10 times hard work and sleepless nights to get the conference going, and 10 times of making attendees and speaker very happy and comfortable. Thank you for that. And again this year you did your very best to archieve this goal.

Besides the anniversary the conference again had a lot of good and rich talks about a wide range of topics, like JavaScript, Frameworks, Automation, and so on. Unfortunately I could only attend one or two talks, but I had much fun talking to people and doing a lot of networking.

jQuery's secrets (aka jQuery's data storage)

I proposed this talk as somekind of a late apply to the WebTechCon. And yes, I never thought this would make its way right through to the Schedule. As I was now forced to prepare it, I found out that just speaking about the internal data handler of jQuery would fill about 15 minutes of my time to speak. I extended the talk and put in some of my findings I made working with the jQuery library. So I talked about and about its magic to store whatever data you want onto the any DOM-element. I talked about jQuery.extend(), explained why it is so useful and how to use it. The presentation was also about stuff you only can find reading the source of jQuery, like jQuery.fx.speed or jQuery.props, which if extended enable you to define your own shortcuts used by .attr() or animations like .fadeIn(). Enough talk about the slides have look at them and decide if they are useful ;)

Your browser needs to support Flash contents to display this image.

Playing jQuery Jeopardy

Jakob and I got the idea to make workshops more interesting to the attendees early this year. The goal was to be able to react as flexible as possible to the demands of the audience but provide a workshop of high quality and interesting topics a well. We decided to play and the jeopardy game set was the only choice we could think of providing the flexibility we needed. So we came up with this layout.

Layout of jQuery Jeopardy game set.Layout of jQuery Jeopardy game set.

The workshop itself had with about 8 to 10 participients quite a number of interested people. After a short introduction of ourselfs and each attendee and the introduction to the game jakob and I let the audience decide which topics are the most interesting. Since there were 25 topics to choose from they had a nice portfolio to choose from. For starters they chose to learn more about JavaScript itself, about prototyping and how Scopes are handled. Over the day we also talked about how jQuery handles Events and what is nice about the AJAX integration of jQuery. We talked about Event delegation and the possibilities and what its pitfalls are, and many more. All in all we had a lot of fun playing jeopardy this day. The best thing for me was that everyone enjoyed our way of presentation and I had the feeling that everyone actually learned something this day. We actually got a nice compliment from an attendee as he mentioned: "Uh! This is odd, I don't have had my typical down time after lunch. Must be the intersting workshop." Thanks again for this! As from my point of view, I want to do this type of workshop more often since I had so much fun and joy! If you are looking for the documents of the workshop, Jakob has linked them from his conference wrap up.

Btw if had the chance to participate the game and want ot give us feedback, please do on


The conferences again were a complete success in terms of sessions and workshops. I have the impression that not only I had the best time in Mainz. Thank you for making this event an event to be part of every time! I am really looking forward to see you again next year in Berlin.

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