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My first video training

Video2brain is the leading company in producing high quality video trainings located in Graz, Austria. They produce videos on a variety of software topics like graphics, web design and programming. The trainings are done by highly educated trainers from all over the world talking mostly about their major topics to give the trainee the best and most valuable lesson.

Screenshot of video2brain website.Screenshot of video2brain website.

So I went to Graz and met Cornelia, my contact at video2brain, and Sascha Kersken, the second trainer of the PHP5.3 PowerWorkshop to be recorded. After an introduction to the system, getting known to the video2brain crew, and final decisions about the structure and details of the workshop, we finally recorded our first video. The result was quite promising and we were very motivated for the next sessions to be recorded. On sunday we needed to pause the recording and I went for a vacation in vienna.

After a very nice week of vacation and being well relaxed we started with the second part of our training, recording some best practices when programming PHP like design patterns (Dependency Injection, RecursiveIterator, Subject/Observer, etc). For this we used a simple class to start with and introduced one pattern after another to a nicely integrated system. As this grown example looked so promising we decided to do the coming chapters, documentation and testing, on top of it. This turned out to be a briliant idea and the trainee has a growing example at hand to recognize each step. But as all good times end, we finished the recordings on the following monday and I head back home with a deeper knowleadge of Namespaces in PHP and a very good feeling in my gut we did a very valueable and rich training. So watch out for it in december.


Meanwhile video2brain published an interview with Sascha and me. if you are interested in this you may find it in the blog of video2brain.

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