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Speaking at Confoo2011

Speaker button of confoo 2011Speaker button of confoo 2011

When I checked on my mails the day after Xmas I could not believe what I found in my inbox: "Speaker at ConFoo 2011 - transport/loging" said the headline... "Nah, just someone kidding me, again" were my first thoughts. But as it turned out that the address was real I got really excited. And I still am ;)

So what am I goinfg to talk about?


The most unknown parts of PHPUnit

I already gave this talk at 3 different conferences unitl know, but it was never the same. Since there are so many things to be explored in PHPUnit it won't be the same this time, too.

Reading my blog you probably noticed I started a series on this topic a few days ago. The talk will be reflecting my newest findings and discoveries. As for the aganda there for sure will be asssertions getting very useful for my current field of working - I am doing a lot of DOMDocument stuff atm. Another topic will be constrains. Here I will digg out some quite handy functions to ease your daily work with MockObjects. I don't want ot go into detail here, but there are many more topics on the schedule. We don't want to get bored on this topic, do we?

Introducing TDD to your project

This is actually the first time I talk about management stuff. But I thought it would be a great possibility if I could share my point of view on the way how to introduce test driven developement into your projects. A possibility not to convince you, but to bring yourself into a better position to decide to migrate or not. I am very excited to get into discussion to get your point of view.

Enough for know ... I am really looking forward meeting you in Montreal.

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