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JavaScriptDays 2012

I am proud to announce the first JavaScript Days starting on the 12th of March in Cologne. For three days we will cover the most interesting topics currently discussed in the JavaScript world, topics such as node.js, couchDB, quality assurance, and so on. Special guests Douglas Crockford and Christian Johanson are coming to talk and present their latest thoughts and projects.

There will be 3 parallel tracks of alternating topics on each of the three days.

The Technology Track

The technology track is one of two tracks which will last over the complete event. Starting on Monday right after the opening session, Kore Nordmann will give you a complete overview about the nosql database CouchDB, not missing important topics like map reduce, scaling, sharding, and reliability. So grab a cup of coffee and relax.

On the second day Thorsten Rinne and Sebastian Spencer offer a deep view into the depth of modern application development. Together with you they will develop a rich internet application from the scratch using node.js, HTML5, web worker, web sockets, and so on.

The third day will be hosted by Hans-Christian Otto. Developing mobile applications for quite a while now, he will guide you through the jungle of cross device mobile application development and highlights the benefits of the Sencha Touch, "the world's first mobile web app development framework".

Best Practices

Every now and then you probably ask yourself, "am I doing this the best way?" Right?

This track is setup to give you at least some answers to the quesions you've "always wanted to ask". This track will start with an application architecture session, which I am proud to be hosting myself. You will learn about differnet approaches to setup JavaScript applications. With each of them we will examine their strong and weak spots, so you will be prepared for your next architecture challenge.

After lunch Jakob Westhoff talks about an often forgotten part of reliable and extensible web applications - dependency management. Known from other programming languages as autoloading or including mechanisms, JavaScript has its own way to provide such powerful feature. This workshop will provide you with practical examples and insides to make you aware of the benefits and beauty of dependency management.

On the second day the best practices track will step aside in favor of a testing track.

The third day of the JavaScript Days the best practices track will split into two half day workshops. The first half will be hosted by Christian Johanson leading his workshop about how to do test driven development in the browser. "In this workshop you will learn how to apply TDD to the unfriendly browser environment and still keep your code clean, loosely coupled and always in a working state," Johanson promised.

In the afternoon Kore Nordmann will again make himself comfortable on the couch, and he will offer you a spot on the couch to develop, deploy, and manage your rich internet applications directly from the database. He will provide you with technical insights on how to secure and harden your CouchApp, he will also share thoughts on replicating your database over several CouchDB instances.

Testing Track

Your host of the day will be Christian Johanson. He will introduce you to the wonderful world of automated testing and the wave of confidence and productivity that follows. You'll learn what an automated test is, what it can help you with, and how to write and run it. The workshop will be dense on code. Live coding is used to drive home the "lecturing" parts of the workshop, while attendees will make use of their laptops to work through a set of problems. So remember to be prepared and ready to run when participating in this workshop.

After lunch, Christian will talk about some advanced techniques in unit testing and test driven development focusing on stubbing and mocking. Being the author of Sinon's, he will show you how its features can help you test "legacy" code. He will also discuss contracts between objects and functions, timers, and ajax, and more. His workshop requires previous exposure to unit testing/TDD/BDD and assumes good knowledge of the JavaScript language.

All in all I think Jakob and I setup a very interesting mix of top shelf topics covered by passionate and knowledgable speakers. I am really looking forward to this event and hope to see you there as well. Remember the the the early bird period is still ongoing (until 10.02.2012).

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